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Rally harder, rally longer and
score more runs!

Say goodbye to paper scoresheets. Top Score Baseball simplifies the scoring of baseball games and brings the power of Moneyball to your team.

Whether you play hardball, softball, fastball, fastpitch, slo-pitch, 3-pitch, or any other form of baseball, Top Score Baseball accurately scores your games and does all your stat tracking. The app then optimizes your batting order using the same techniques as Moneyball.

Your team will enjoy longer rallies, strand fewer runners, and score more runs.

Stats and schedule for your baseball team.

Scoring made easy

Scorekeeping baseball games has never been easier. Easily and accurately score the game by quickly capturing the data that matters most. Is the batter on base or out? Where did they hit the ball? What was the result of the play?

That's it. Quick, easy, accurate.

Baseball scoring and scorekeeping app for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPad.


  • Quick, easy scorekeeping
  • Slick, modern interface
  • Everything stored in the cloud
    • Supports full offline access, no cellular connection required
  • Individual and team statistics
  • Team leaders in each stat category
  • Spray charts show hit location of each and every hit
  • Moneyball optimized batting orders
    • Optimized batting orders resolve player and/or parent disputes about who is batting where
    • Optimized order is suggested; coach can still make changes
  • Automatic advancement of runners
  • Made a mistake? Undo / Redo makes for a quick and easy fix
  • Box scores for all games
  • Send game results to the league at the click of a button
  • Manage team roster
  • Manage team schedule
  • Subscription includes one login for the coach,
    and unlimited logins for players and fans who want to follow along
  • Supports any form of baseball: hardball, softball, fastball, fastpitch, slo-pitch, 3-pitch, etc
  • Supports coed/mixed gender rosters
  • Available for Android: phones & tablets, iOS: iPhone & iPad, and BlackBerry
Spray chart hit location for baseball players.


Research shows that when using the optimizations of Moneyball, also known as sabermetrics, professional teams have generated, on average, 3-5% more runs per game. At the amateur, rec, and youth levels where player skillset differences are more pronounced, teams can experience as many as 20% more runs per game.

More runs = more wins.

The batting order optimizations featured in Top Score Baseball are based off of research in sabermetrics. Two of the best books on sabermetrics are "Moneyball" by Michael Lewis and "The Book" by Tom Tango.

Top Score Baseball allows your amateur, recreational, or youth baseball team to apply the same optimizations as the professionals. After just three games, there’s enough data for the app to start optimizing your lineup. With the same players and same number of hits, Top Score Baseball creates the batting order that helps your team enjoy longer rallies, strand fewer runners, and ultimately, score more runs.

Moneyball statistics for your baseball team. Sabermetrics.

$25/year OR $8/month OR $3/tournament

Whether you're kicking off a new season, you're mid-season, or you're registering for a tournament, we have pricing that works for you and your team!

Score as many games and run as many teams as you want while your subscription is active. Your stats will always be free and accessible even after your subscription expires.

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Easy baseball scoring and scorekeeping on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPad.

Top Score Baseball is great for scoring baseball tournaments.
Top Score Baseball can be used for score keeping and stat tracking, even mid-season.
Top Score Baseball has affordable annual subscriptions - roll it into team fees.

Do you run a league or association? Contact us for discounts when registering 5 or more teams!

Free to try

Download the app and hit Try It to explore everything it has to offer. Tap the button for Next Game to get a feel for scoring a game or drill down into the stats to see the top players in each category, spray charts for individual players, and much, much more.

When you're ready, hit the Sign Up button, enter the email address and password you'd like to use for your team, then start adding games to your Schedule and adding players to your Roster. The stats you generate are stored in the cloud, so you can log in on any phone and always be up to date.

Score up to three games for free. Both coaches and players get free unlimited access to the stats for your team.

To score more games on a plan that works for you, see the subscription options above.

Baseball team's Moneyball statistics stored in the cloud.

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